Making Time for Your Loved Ones

Time is fleeting. I’m sure that if it were only a commodity, people will be lining up to buy it. But question is, buy time for what? What do we currently prioritize in our lives that we do it most of our wakeful hours? What aspect of our lives do we tend to sacrifice? There’s […]

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Nature-Friendly Father’s Day Gifts

Green gifts are definitely in today, with more and more people becoming conscious of the devastating effects of global warming. To make this special guy feel loved and appreciated without contributing to the further deterioration of Mother Nature, here are some nature-friendly Fathers day gifts: Organic Shirt Being stylish and eco-friendly is definitely possible through […]

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Heartwarming Gifts on Father’s Day

The perfect gift for dad on Father’s Day doesn’t have to be a budget-busting gadget with almost limitless features. If you’re looking for inexpensive yet heartwarming Father’s Day gifts, here are some ideas: Father’s Day Crafts To make the experience more memorable especially if you have little kids, let everyone do craft projects for dad. […]

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