Make your own valentine’s day card

Gifts are great. But they’re incomplete without that all important Valentine’s Day card. Yet, sometimes, what you want to say just isn’t available in printed or electronic form. Don’t despair! Make your own.

Sure, you’re not a poet. But you don’t have to invent your own rhymes to make your own card. You can freely borrow the long and worthy words of Wadsworth Longfellow or the telling phrases of Tennyson. The pros do, all the time.

And don’t be put off by the fact that you might not be the world’s greatest graphic artist. Here again, the commercial card makers often buy and borrow. These are options if you don’t happen to have the artist’s gift yourself.

Computer graphics programs can easily help you do both. You can select phrases from a billion different sources online. Then combine them with photos or drawings from almost as many places. With only a modest effort you can create a card that looks just as you want, and says just what you mean. Don’t have a color laser printer? Not to worry. Take or send your file to a business that will print it out for you.

But maybe you do have at least a little bit of artistic talent. Or, a willingness to make the effort, at least. That might well produce a very fine result. After all, the recipient is rarely going to judge the card, so much as the sentiment. ‘A for effort’ still means a lot.

So, gather together those materials and get started.

Colored card stock is item #1. You can go for a plain, colored base in traditional red. Or, you can expand your creative horizons and buy card stock that has a pre-printed design. It could be simply an abundance of hearts or flowers. Or, it could portray just the mood you want to evoke. There’s no end of choices available.

Now, get out your pen and pencil set.

Maybe you want to make an elegant drawing. Or, you could just stencil on some well chosen words. The options range from nothing more than signing your name in a lush ink scrolling font to decorating the entire card.

But hand drawing or printing text isn’t for everyone. Sometimes, we need a little assistance.

Templates, photos and more will help flesh out that card. A little bit of non-bleeding glue dots or spray adhesive will help here. Scrapbookers know all the tricks of the trade, so seek out some advice from those who maintain one. They’ll point you to just the right chalks, rub-ons, photo corners and more to create that perfect card.

Most of all, remember the whole idea of making your own card: to express the unique relationship between you and your Valentine. That’s only possible when your card shows them the unique feelings you have for that special person.

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