Gift ideas for that special woman

Guys have a hard time with Valentine’s Day. It so often seems that the day is really for females. It’s the perfect opportunity to come up with something special. The rewards are ample.

Flowers, chocolates, jewelry, even wine… these are standard. And they still are great ideas. But go beyond the usual. Be creative. Give your gift some serious thought.

If you want to go with flowers, do more than just write a word or two on the card that comes with them. Make it an entire scroll, full of poetry and images that shows you know who she is and what she wants. Roll it up and secure it with a ribbon from her hair.

Chocolates are always appreciated. But don’t just get a box of the usual from the local store. Find those unique confections and that special container that no woman has ever seen before. It could be Japanese. They have a unique way of celebrating in which the woman gives chocolates on Valentine’s Day. Then, the man reciprocates on March 14th. That opens some interesting possibilities.

Some women don’t wear jewelry. For those who do, make sure you choose a ring or bracelet that is unique. No woman wants to appear at the party wearing the exact thing her friend is wearing. Get something custom made or specially inscribed.

Wine is a great Valentine’s Day option. But make sure you know what she likes… then go out of your way to get that type from a very unusual source. It might be a specialty vintage from British Columbia. Or, it could be a unique brand from Turkey. Valentine’s Day is special. Make the wine special, too.

Now, get really creative.

Think long and hard about what that special someone enjoys that is different from others you know. Every woman wants to know that you’ve been listening and observing. Prove that by seeking out a gift that fits her just right.

That fit could be literal: a piece of lingerie that is her color, her size, her style. Or, ‘fit’ could be metaphorical. It could mean finding the CD that contains her favorite song or artist. Not yours! It might entail hunting down that book she read years ago that still has a special meaning for her.

Take it up a notch. Make her the focus of the day, or at least the evening. Find that restaurant that she has been wanting to go to forever, but you’ve been too busy (or too cheap!) to try. Ask her friends to tell you what she was reluctant to reveal because she didn’t want to make you feel bad. Make it a surprise.

Gifts are always appreciated. But they’re only worth as much as the thought that went in to them. The key to Valentine’s Day success is finding out what she likes. Her. That unique individual.

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