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Valentine’s Day is celebrated by almost everyone. Yet it remains the most personal holiday. Valentine’s Day is still strongly oriented toward those we love. Sometimes we might give a card or small gift to a casual friend. But the holiday is geared to those closest to our hearts. One of the best ways to express that is to give a gift personalized for that special individual.

Fortunately, there are a 101 different ways to do that without breaking a sweat.

Pillowcases are a delightful way to show affection for that person you sleep with. Go beyond ‘His and Hers’ and have that loved one’s name stitched or embossed onto a set of pillowcases. Speaking of ‘His and Hers’, towels can also be a great way to do the same thing.

Jewelry gives another excellent opportunity to personalize a gift for a male or female. A locket with a photo is traditional, as is an inscription with a name and special phrase. But jewelry can be personalized in a number of ways. Birthstones are just one example. Each birth month is associated with a particular mineral, such as topaz or amethyst. Beauty and individuality go together well.

Extend that idea to include any small personal item worn. Watches are a foolproof chance to inscribe a name and phrase that is meaningful to both giver and recipient. Both the case and the strap give plenty of room to etch or stitch, and they can include birthstones as well.

What better way to remind him or her of her or him than a photo? But don’t just send a jpeg or a glossy paper photo with a few words attached. Get a beautiful frame and personalize it. A traditional wood frame can be lovely. But today you can go beyond that and include computerized electronics in the frame itself. That combines the best of both worlds.

With an electronic frame you can have a phrase of your own devising display at certain times of the day. Or, you can get a photo holder that has the ability to download different pictures. They can show that special Valentine’s Day vacation you shared.

Everyone likes to play games and there are lots of ways to personalize even the most popular, like Monopoly. Have a custom made board that includes your favorite photos! But other games offer an equally interesting way to personalize a Valentine’s Day gift. How about a set of golf clubs and bag that show clearly who is their owner? A basketball with a Michael Jordan autograph would be worth money. But one written with his or her name will be worth a lot in a different kind of coin: the currency of love.

Stuffed animals make for great Valentine’s Day gifts for that special someone. Personalize it by having it custom made to resemble the giver. It can be dressed with a unique tie or those funky shoes that only they wear. Be sure to have a name stitched on or embossed to complete the package.

Be creative and give your gift some thought. You’ll quickly discover there are 101 ways to personalize it. The gift will show that it could only have come from that unique person, and only been given to the equally unique one they’re with.

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