A Valentine’s day dinner

What better way to say ‘I care’ than to prepare a Valentine’s Day dinner? Many of us don’t get the day off from work. So it can be the perfect way to give the usual chef the day off. It also provides a stellar opportunity to not only make someone’s favorite dish, but add romantic […]

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A Valentine’s day wine

Around the world, love is the same. But wines carry a distinctive character that only the soil and climate of that region can produce. There are still those who insist that chocolate doesn’t pair well with wine. We beg to differ. Tell that to someone who has tasted a fine Spanish Madeira while munching on […]

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Gift ideas for that special man

It’s tough to find Valentine’s Day gifts for men. Sometimes, what they want is just hugely expensive. Laptops, cameras, motorcycles and more all carry a hefty price tag. But more often the problem is how to move away from the mundane and find that special gift, one that says you know what he likes. Ask […]

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