How to Tell if a Guy is Really Interested

In the dating world, signals can get all mixed up such that you can’t tell anymore. Should you hope for a next date? Does he like you or not?

Well, if you are not up to asking him directly – and there’s totally nothing wrong with that – there are tell-tale clues you can watch out for.

Listen to the conversation.

Does he ask you what you do, what you like and don’t like; and seem to be really interested? Does he follow up your stories with questions, like he was really listening? When he talks about himself and his stories, does he look towards you, interested in how you would react?

A man who is interested in you will want to know about you so he lets you talk and he asks you relevant questions. When it’s his turn to talk, a man who is interested will seek some signs of approval (and maybe of mutual interest).

Notice the body language.

Call it attraction in motion but if someone’s interested in you, there is the big possibility that that person will mirror your movements. Imagine leaning over to one side and your date will naturally follow. Or, maybe lifting your glass up for a toast and he’d be there with his, just a second apart.

A person who likes you would likewise point his body towards your direction. Arms, legs and feet are towards where you are; and not towards the pretty girl sitting a table away.

At the same time, there are gestures you can look out for. Short of pounding their chest ala Tarzan, a man who is into you will make grand gestures. His arms are encompassing and his body leans towards you. He will try to make himself look attractive. He will groom his hair, preen a bit, and try to catch your attention.

Where does the date end?

Sometimes you can tell if a guy is not really interested and is just after a little nightcap. There is nothing wrong with that. But if you are looking for something more, or something else, then a guy who really likes you or is really interested won’t mind waiting to get intimate with you. If he does mind waiting, then you know what he’s just after.

Dating is an exciting phase in any budding relationship. The signals are there; you are confused and giddy. Take your time. Enjoy this and relish getting to know each other.


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