How to Deal with People We Don’t Like

There are days when somehow we would have to deal with people we do not like. Regardless of reason (or sometimes, lack of), we don’t like them and there they are walking towards us as we do some gardening work. Or, there they are on the dog food aisle, exactly where your brand is. What […]

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How to Tell if a Guy is Really Interested

In the dating world, signals can get all mixed up such that you can’t tell anymore. Should you hope for a next date? Does he like you or not? Well, if you are not up to asking him directly – and there’s totally nothing wrong with that – there are tell-tale clues you can watch […]

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First Date Do’s And Don’ts

First dates can be a lovely experience or something quite similar to a root canal appointment with your dentist. But we all do it – it is a single woman’s necessary evil. Well, it’s not all that bad. You get some dinner or maybe a movie, you get to know someone better, maybe have a […]

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