Sexy gifts for your valentine

The inventiveness of those who make sexy gifts knows no bounds. Whether your relationship is a day old or a decade old, there’s something to spice up February 14th for you.

Chocolates may not technically be an aphrodisiac. But they can certainly get her heart racing. Add in some flowers and you’re already part way down the road to romance. Now you can bring out the heavy hardware.

That ‘heavy hardware’ can actually be something as light as a feather: sexy lingerie. It’s what everyone thinks of first when they think ‘sexy gift’, right? Not a bad idea, but there are a few things to keep in mind.

Guys buying lingerie for a woman should consider whether the gift is a hint or a present. Nothing wrong with both, provided your relationship has reached or passed that stage. But no one likes to feel pressured to move to the next step. You may find them just moving on instead.

Make sure you get the right size and style. Some women don’t feel comfortable in a form-fitting lace body stocking. They like to hide those extra pounds or retain a bit of mystery before any unveiling. Look around at what she already owns and wears. Ask her friends what she might like.

Similar advice is valid for women buying for men. Not every guy thinks heart-covered boxer shorts is a motivator for lovemaking. It can be seen as nothing but a way to make him look ridiculous. Of course, your guy could never look bad in anything, or so you should assure him.

Move beyond clothing, though.

Massage oil makes a good sexy gift for Valentine’s Day. Everyone likes a massage. It can be just a great experience or the perfect prelude to slippery sex. But don’t just give body oil. Promise to use it. Then follow through.

Silk sheets don’t go well with body oils. But they can provide a similar experience. When you crawl into bed with these on the mattress, you’ll know what sensual is all about. Just don’t get so distracted by the gift that you forget about your partner!

Maybe your partner is a little intellectual, maybe not. Either way, romance can always benefit from a little fantasy or imagery. A ‘how to’ book might be a little clinical, or even be seen as insulting. But a custom-written book of erotic stories that feature the two of you as the main characters could be a bestseller in your home.

Everyone likes to play games. In love, those games can turn sexy in the right setting. You can get a pre-made board game that builds anticipation and makes you laugh, both good precursors to romance. Or, you can have a game custom made that shows the progress of your relationship. In the end, you discover you were made for each other. Roll the dice and get lucky.

Get a sexy Valentine’s Day gift for your partner or playmate. Who knows? You may just find out what love has to do with it.

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