Romantic getaways for Valentine’s day

Whether your relationship is a day old or a decade old, getting away for Valentine’s Day might be just the ticket. Luckily, there are dozens of choices no matter where you live.

In the colder climates, nothing is more romantic than a snow bound lodge with a roaring fire. Put your feet up, clink two glasses of wine together and toast your good fortune at finding one another.

Vermont and other popular ski areas provide ample space to accommodate couples for Valentine’s Day. Cabins range from isolated, one-room buildings to a cozy 10 ft x 12 ft room in a huge, multi-guest lodge. Some packages include skiing. Some are designed specifically for those who just want to laze about and gaze into one another’s eyes.

Warmer climes may not offer the traditional winter look, but they can be just as romantic. After all, February 14th is the middle of summer below the equator. Sign up for a cruise to the Bahamas and make Valentine’s Day something to remember forever.

On the ship, couples will get special treatment. Rooms can be made up in style to celebrate this unique holiday. Romantic candlelight dinners for two are available. Then you can both hit the tables for a little gambling. After all, you rolled the dice in love and won, didn’t you?

Even just staying near home can provide lots of chances for a romantic rendez-vous. Pick out a fine hotel and book a room for Valentine’s Day. Be prepared to find everything ready for you and your special someone.

Styles range from the huge, heart-shaped hot tub in the room made up like a harem to an elegant 4-star experience. Have dinner served in the room and eliminate all distractions. Or, get dressed in your best and make your way to the restaurant downstairs. You’ll be so focused on one another that no distractions exist for you.

Treat one another and go for the combination Hotel/Spa experience. Even one day in these luxury resorts can make February 14th the most memorable holiday ever. Nothing encourages romance like being pampered to in every way.

You can have a relaxing swim in the morning, then an outstanding brunch. You can’t call it breakfast, after all, because you got to sleep in very late. You can lounge around the pool or go to the gym for a vigorous run to get your heart pumping. Naturally, just being near your Valentine should be enough to do that. Don’t forget to say so.

In the afternoon, you can enjoy one of the spa’s stellar massages, followed by a skin treatment. That will put you in the perfect mood to dig into one of their superb meals. Spas are excellent at combining good nutrition with great taste, so you won’t be disappointed.

The key to a successful Romantic Getaway for Valentine’s Day is to truly get away. Leave the day-to-day worries at home. Focus on that special someone you chose to spend this day with. Treat them like the most important customer in your life. You’re sure to get a big tip.

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