Jewelry & watches for your valentine

There’s a reason that jewelry and watches make such popular Valentine’s Day gifts. They combine the elegance and fun of romance with beauty and practicality. In short, they represent everything that this day of celebrating love is all about.

Simple diamond earrings are traditional and there’s nothing wrong with that. Some things remain popular because they’ve proven their value over time. But birthstone earrings are a nice alternative. They are represented by a different stone for each month.

But stones aren’t the only option. Gold, silver, and platinum continue to top the jewelry list, as well. Nothing says ‘I love you’ like the brilliance of a gold ankle bracelet. Especially if it’s actually inscribed with…. Well, you get the idea. Get a silver bracelet studded with jade and you’ve got a gift that will be remembered long after February 14th has come and gone.

Necklaces are an excellent opportunity to combine stones and metal to form a gift that both of you can appreciate for a lifetime. Small rubies wandering through a web of platinum are the ultimate. But even a simple string of pearls will show how deeply you appreciate the one you’re with.

Jewelry isn’t just for women, either. But, then, neither is Valentine’s Day! A finely crafted ring made of gold and onyx will look great on that guy’s hand. A gold watchband with a single brilliant diamond still makes a manly statement.

Speaking of watches…. Don’t forget that these timepieces are still a hot ticket. You would think that with all the cell phones, PDAs, laptops and more around these days that a wrist-worn clock would find no takers. Not so. Watches are more popular than ever.

A Hamilton Ventura still says everything it did 50 years ago: style, achievement, good taste. A great looking Bulova watch can easily be found for man or woman. Rolex, Tissot and others still make some of the finest and most stylish watches around.

A watch provides a double opportunity to personalize a Valentine’s Day gift as well. The back is still the perfect place to put that intimate, short phrase devised for that special person in your life. A leather or alligator wristband can easily be embossed or stitched with initials or a few timeless words.

Diving watches are a first rate alternative to more traditional timekeeping pieces. They combine the simple function of noting the time with much more complex features like a timer, depth calculations and more. For the sportsperson in your life, they can be the perfect Valentine’s Day gift.

There’s another type of diving watch, as well: a skydiver’s watch. They judge altitude, temperature, wind speed and direction, and many more vital parameters. Combine one of these with a day jump and you have a Valentine’s Day celebration that will be remembered for a long time to come.

Combine tradition with modern creativity and you won’t have to wonder what to give for Valentine’s Day. The answer will just appear on your body.

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