Gift ideas for valentine’s day

Oh, boy, what do you give for Valentine’s Day? It seems like everything has been done and you want to think of something special. Well, you can go traditional and give the gift a twist to make it unique. Or, you can break away from the pack and give that gift that no one has ever thought of before.

Flowers are always appreciated, by either woman or man. You can never go wrong with these traditional and lovely plants. But speaking of plants, how about something more permanent? How about a bonsai tree whose branches are shaped like your loved one’s name? Ok, that might take a little longer to plan than you have. But you could get one with a tiny rock garden that spells out “I Love You”.

Candy is traditional, too. But a box of chocolates is a box of chocolates… unless it’s from Russia. Or Tibet. Or a little known town in the southwest corner of Missouri called Donchawannit. The idea is to make the gift something the same as the usual that is also a little bit different.

Maybe he or she is the outdoors type. Sure a personalized set of golf clubs is a great idea. But you might be saving that for Christmas. So, how about a toboggan ride down some snow-covered slopes along a path that spells out his or her name? Then you can take a photo at the end and put it in that special frame you’ve been saving.

Hmmm… Maybe that’s a little hard to arrange. So, make it easy on yourself. Go with that favorite wine. But, wait. Don’t just pick up a bottle at the local store. A gift membership from an online wine club is the gift that keeps on giving all year ’round. And, rather than one wine, you get a dozen or more. Now, that says “I Love You”. Or, that you’re with an alcoholic. It’s hard to be sure.

No one would turn down a new car. But that could stretch the budget just a little. So, how about a new toy car? It could be in the form of a complex model the two of you could build. With a hundred parts or more you could be done just in time for next year’s Valentine’s Day. Or, in the same vein, you could go for a miniature ship that says “Ahoy, let’s sail off together into the sunset”.

One of you just has a heart set on jewelry. Not a bad idea. But jazz it up. Make it unique. Sure, diamond earrings are always a hit. But instead you could go for a kanji ankle bracelet made with gold and amethyst. The Japanese characters can be selected to say “Long Joy Together” while no one has to translate what the jewels mean.

Be creative. Combine the old with the new. Take an idea and turn it upside down or inside out. After all the one you’re with often does that to you, no?

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