Sweets for your sweet

Yes, the cliché in that title is among the oldest, and most mundane, literary efforts. But the tradition behind it is as fresh and good as ever. Chocolates and other delightful goodies are both symbolic and highly delicious. In moderation, they can even be healthy. A gift doesn’t get any better than that.

The main value is, of course, that chocolate tastes great. And there should be no guilt attached to enjoying oneself. After all, Valentine’s Day only comes once per year. And, somehow, sweet gifts have a tendency to be consumed by more than just the recipient.

To get even higher on the health bandwagon, consider some fruit. Strawberries are tasty, healthy and fit right in with the Valentine’s Day theme. They’re red and often associated with sensual delights. They can be shared, too. Not a bad idea for a Valentine’s Day gift.

But don’t just give a bunch of fruit in a bowl. Dress it up in the form of a gift basket. Combine it with some flowers or chocolates or both. Expand the gift basket to include a stuffed animal and you’re guaranteed to be a hit.

Beyond the delight they bring to the sense of taste and the stimulation to brain centers, sweets are stylish. It might be an offering from a Dessert of the Month Club designed especially for Valentine’s Day. Or, it could be confection whipped up from gourmet caramel and chocolate that smother a tasty apple.

The style may inhere as much in the container as the sweets themselves. A box of chocolates might contain a traditional selection of pieces. But the box doesn’t have to be just the usual plain big red heart. It can be delicately decorated with fine white lace. Or, sweets can rest in a basket handwoven in Peru and made from local plant fibers found nowhere else in the world.

Have you ever seen a bouquet that was made of fine truffles rather than delicate roses? A few clicks and there you are. If you’re searching for something slightly different, that’s your ticket. Maybe your loved one prefers cookies. Get a tin that resembles the kind Great Great Grandma would have used in 1908. Who says you can’t combine a delicious gift with nostalgia? After all, Valentine’s Day is about nothing if not sentiment.

In fact, that Valentine’s Day gift might actually be FOR grandma. Valentine’s Day gifts are given by everyone to everyone else these days. Even the traditional maternal figure will appreciate the love that went into choosing a modern delicious array of fudge.

Trying to think of something for that mate who is great? Go for the candy bouquet. Sure, it isn’t real flowers. Though, those can be included, too. But this gift gives you a chance to give something truly unique. Your sentiment can be imprinted on the card, while the candies can be selected for individual preference.

Sweet, stylish, sentimental… How many chances do you get to give a gift like that?

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