Valentine’s Day – A Day To Celebrate Love

The American Greeting Card Association estimates that over a billion Valentine’s Day cards are given every year on February 14th. But the celebration of this day dedicated to love goes back centuries earlier. During the time of Chaucer in the 14th century love became almost an obsession. But, hey, could there be anything more worthwhile to be obsessed about?

Love steals over all of us in one form or another. And delighted about the fact we are, too. To really celebrate that fact, though, it’s never a bad idea to give it some material form. Actions speak louder than words, the old saying goes.

That action could be something as simple as making your own Valentine’s Day card. You did when you were in elementary school. You can do it again. Luckily, your efforts don’t really need to be any better than they were then. But you also have modern computers, the Internet and scrapbooking templates to help out if you want.

The key is to personalize your gift for that special someone. That way, they know you’re thinking of them and not mass producing. That’s okay for Hallmark, but you should not follow their example.

Personalizing can take the form of having a watch inscribed with a name and pithy phrase. You could have their initials or yours! stitched onto a beautiful leather wristband. Jewelry is always a big hit, too. Get a birthstone to show that at least you know what month he or she was born.

Don’t forget about the wine. This beverage is more than just a liquid to quench thirst. It creates one… a thirst for love, that is one that can only be satisfied by your Valentine. Look for something exotic, unique, individual from around the world. Just like your Valentine.

Go beyond giving a gift, whether chocolates, flowers or anything else. Don’t stop at giving a photo frame with the picture of your last vacation. Actually take one.

It might be something as short as a romantic getaway to a nearby Bed and Breakfast. Or, you could check into a Hotel/Spa for the day and be treated like royalty. Even a romantic dinner at the 4-star hotel you booked a room at can be the perfect capstone of the day. Take along those sexy gifts you bought.

Extend your experience and your celebration to other heart pumping activities. Book a parachute jump and hold hands on the way down. Take a skiing vacation at a local resort, then sit by the fire and toast one another. Hop on a ship for a short cruise to San Francisco, the city of love.

Men will approach Valentine’s Day a little differently than women. Likewise, women will think of it a little different than men. The gifts are different, but the goals should be the same. Celebrate that special person you found. Whether the relationship is a day old or decades old, you still have something new to learn about them. Find out on February 14th.

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