What’s so great about love?

Love? A special day to celebrate it? Why get excited about that? After all, it just keeps us going – individually and as a species. It just fills us with joy and makes life worth living. It just – Hmmmm… maybe there’s something to this after all. Reboot.

Valentine’s Day is for lovers. But love comes in all forms. A husband may love his wife. A daughter may love her mother. A young boy may adore his grandfather. Valentine’s Day is for all these relationships and many more.

Feeling love is one thing. Expressing it is another. Having one day out of the year to celebrate the glory that only love provides makes February 14th a unique holiday. Naturally, we could argue that it should be celebrated every day. And, in some ways, maybe we do. But picking one day focuses attention on that special event.

Express that by selecting just the right Valentine’s Day card. Find one that says exactly HOW you love that special someone. And, if it doesn’t, express it yourself either by making a card or writing some heartfelt comments in one you find.

Now, like love itself does, go beyond that small step. Give a gift that also shows how much you care. Sure, love is spiritual and it’s the emotions that count most. But how better to express those feelings than to put them into material form?

That material form can range over thousands of options.

Hire a maid for Mom for the day. Have someone clean Dad’s car. Call in a freelance chef to make a special dinner for the two of you on the evening of February 14th. Schedule a short cruise on a romantic trip to an island and back. Jump out of an airplane (with parachutes, of course), or float above the clouds in a hot air balloon.

Buy some flowers and chocolate, then shower that special someone with other things that remind you both of Valentine’s Day and its meaning. Pick out a gift basket that contains something that shows that you remember your special vacation together. A camera, a photo frame or a unique gem from the place you visited.

Now give the best gift of all: time. Spend time together on Valentine’s Day. Set aside the cares and plans that occupy you the rest of the year. Today, only one thing counts: being together. Say what you really mean. Mean what you say. Tell that person that life is better because that special someone is in your life.

If love is special, if it really is the great thing so many make it out to be – and isn’t the evidence overwhelming? – celebrate Valentine’s Day. Celebrate your way, with that unique person who shows you why love is everything it is.

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