Is Botox For Me?

Botox injections are immensely popular these days. In 2006 alone, there were four million Botox patients. Botox is actually the product name for the refined form of botulinum toxin, which is used in the injections. This toxin hinders nerve impulses in the injected portion of the skin. This reduces muscle contraction that will normally strain our skin; thereby smoothening it.

Botox is mainly used to delay signs of aging. When we age, our face develops lines and wrinkles because of the natural muscular contractions in everyday facial expressions. We often refer to these facial lines as crow’s feet, forehead furrows, and frown lines.

Botox injections: to whom?

Botox can be used to treat early signs of aging. Some take Botox injections as cosmetic enhancements, especially those who are not suited for invasive cosmetic surgery.

Botox injections should never be given to pregnant and nursing women. Likewise, there is some risks in giving the treatment to people with neuromuscular disorder.

Botox treatments should be postponed for persons taking antibiotics, aspirin, and any anti-inflammatory medications. If a person has an infection near the treatment area, the injection should be delayed until the infection heals.

The risks

Like in all procedures, there are inherent risks to getting Botox injections. Since it is a relaxant, eyelids might droop temporarily. The patient may experience some nausea, headache, and localized pain. There might be some redness and inflammation in the injection area. Worse case scenario includes rare cardiac complications and anaphylaxis.

A Botox injection candidate should always reveal all pre-existing medical conditions to his doctor prior to getting an injection.

The after effects

Usually, patients can resume activities immediately after an injection, even when some swelling and bleeding may occur. Normally visible side effects last for a few hours, or a maximum of forty-eight hours for sensitive patients.

It usually takes three days to a week to see the effects of the injection. You can enjoy these effects for up to six months. There is an option for repeat injections, or preventive treatment. Some surgeons treat migraines, muscle spasms and excessive sweating with Botox injections.


The average cost of treating an area with Botox injections depends on the qualifications of the medical professional administering the treatment and the area.

Source: – Plastic Surgery

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