Stress Relief At Work

Work life can get really stressful, especially if you have to deal with bossy bosses and nosy co-workers. If not that, then there is the pressing deadline you need to make; or the big account you need to close. In any case, you sometimes feel like just screaming your head off just to relieve the tension.

Screaming isn’t an office-sanctioned behavior so for you not to jeopardize your career, it’s best to turn to other means of relaxation. And while you sometimes wish you can take a spa break while at work, you know you can’t and often turn to practical and simple ways. Relaxing at work can surprisingly be so simple. You just need a few small things and the right mindset.

While in your seat

If you cannot take off for a bit and are stuck in your cubicle, try doing these relaxation techniques:

  1. Take deep breaths. In these fast paced times, you may have turned to a wrong way of breathing, as if trying to catch with its speed. Your breath may have become short and shallow, and you do not fully experience the relief that inhaling and exhaling clean air provides. Try it for a bit. Inhale into your belly, allowing your rib cage to expand; and then exhale. Imagine your stress melt away with each exhalation.
  2. Laugh. Laughter is a cure-all. It can ease worries, make sadness dissipate, and relieve stress. Turn to your forwarded email box, the one containing all the online jokes that circulate the Net. Plus, there are several comic websites, some with office favorites like Dilbert and User-Friendly. Have a good laugh. After a few minutes, you’ll feel relaxed and raring to go back to work.
  3. Close your eyes and listen to music. Music can affect your moods. So if you are feeling tense, try to listen to relaxing music. Maybe its Beethoven for you, or maybe its Alicia Keys. Whoever makes you relax, pop their CDs in and tune out of work for a while.
  4. Dream. Visualization can change your frame of mind immensely. If you’ve always dreamt about that beach escape you took and the fun you had there, then go there in your mind. Relive the fun and relaxation of that time. You will finish your day with ease, and will always be looking forward to another escape. That’s why you work so hard anyway, right? To have enough so you can buy some piece of paradise for you and your loved ones.

Step Out!

If you do find some time, step out of your cubicle. A quick walk and change of scene will do wonders for you!


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