Aging Beautifully

Some may be afraid of growing old. Some are quite afraid of not being able to do what they want to do. They are afraid of aching joints and backs; and retirement. Yet, there may be nothing for you to fear, really. Like for everything else, it’s all about attitude. Aging is a wonderful process and you can grow old beautifully.

Accept yourself

You may feel some resistance when growing old. The wrinkles just cannot be there. And no, you can still climb Mt. Everest! Although this is not to discourage you from training to climb Everest –Yuichiro Miura was seventy-five (75) years old when he reached its summit – your knees and hips may not be as cooperative. Likewise, there is not enough Botox in the world to get rid of time-imposed wrinkles.

Relax. Your body can still do a lot if you consciously take care of it. And wrinkles are beautiful. They are signs of your wisdom and wealth of experience. Your smiles show lines of grace.

<h2>Stay healthy.</h2>

Eat right. Your body will thank you for it. Your body’s metabolism slows down with age. You cannot process as effectively rich and heavy foods. Stay with the green leafy vegetables, nuts, lean meats, and good oils.

And don’t forget to exercise. Do both cardiovascular exercise and weight-bearing exercises. Your muscle and bone densities are enhanced with weight exercises. A good run or jog can keep your lungs and heart in tiptop shape.

Leave all worries behind

Old age is not the time to worry. Years have passed, and you worked hard to get to where you are now. It is time to relax and enjoy what you’ve reaped.

Keep a positive outlook

Positivity can come a long way. A smile to a neighbor can make you a new friend. It makes you feel good; and you don’t seesaw through emotions as much.


It’s wonderful how good friends can change one’s outlook and make life more fun. Keep friends around and enjoy your lives together.

Learn something new

If you have met someone who began climbing mountains or started studying web programming at the age of 58 years old, that person is a living testament to the agelessness of your brain. Just because your old doesn’t mean you can’t learn something new. This venturesome trait is admirable and one of the secrets to keeping your brains active and young. Get out there and discover new things!


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