Practical Skincare Tips

In a society so obsessed with beauty, TV and magazine ads bombard you with the latest in fashion looks, hair styles, and celebrity style. Countless cosmetics and makeup products are introduced, promising anti-aging effects or a flawless model look-inspired complexion with smaller pores. But before you grab that bottle of expensive moisturizer however, it’s best to reflect and think hard. Can you really afford a beauty regimen using a hundred-dollar moisturizer? If you want that healthy look with a good-looking complexion minus the high price tag, here are some practical skin care tips:

Use Sunscreen

Regular use of sunscreen even when you’re not at the beach is a wise move. Including a bottle of sunscreen in your regular beauty regimen ensures that your skin is protected against the sun’s cancer-causing rays.

Keep Your Beauty Regimen Simple

If you’re a busy mom or career woman, a daily regimen involving bottles and jars of skincare products can get tiring. A simple daily regimen should include products that your skin really needs. To save time and money, stick to multi-tasking products such as tinted moisturizers or lotions with SPF.

Keep Your Makeup Kit Clean

Makeup tools such as brushes and sponges can be breeding grounds for bacteria. Make sure that you change or wash your sponge regularly. As for your age-old foundation and blush-on, toss them out if they’ve been in your kit for more than a year. Remember, the shelf-life of most cosmetics is actually 6 to 12 months.

When looking for effective skincare products, always remember that they shouldn’t be too expensive. Just because a jar of face cream costs more than a hundred bucks doesn’t mean that it can remove all your zits, dark spots, and other imperfections. On the other hand, a skincare product with a cheaper price doesn’t guarantee a better result either. The key here is to choose products based on what they can actually do for your skin and not on their price tags.

If you’re on a tight budget, drop by the local drugstore instead of a beauty store. Many effective yet affordable skincare products ranging from sunscreen, moisturizers, and cover-up for zits can be purchased through a drug store. And when you’re buying skincare products, never expect a miracle in a bottle. The best way to do is to look for products that can help you deal with skin blemishes effectively without the high price tag.

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