Professional make-up in a hurry

These days, most women are pressed for time and are always looking for shortcuts to make the morning bathroom ritual quicker. While it’s hard to cut out a much time showering, brushing your teeth or blow-drying your hair, you can, with practice, get your make-up and hair done with lightening speed and have great professional results. The following make-up and beauty tips are sure to get you out of the bathroom quickly and looking good too.

Fantastic hair in a hurry

The key to doing your hair quickly is to have it cut professionally and regularly. Scraggly, unruly and unkempt hair will look that way no matter what products, gels or hairsprays you put in it. Talk to you hairstylist to come up with an easy to care for cut that won’t keep you curling and primping all morning long. A cut with a lot of layers will help hair lay properly without a lot of maintenance. It will look good naturally and be a quick easy option for most women.

1-minute makeup

If you’re really in a time crunch, just stick to the bare minimum. Dot a little concealer under the eyes and on any problem or red areas on the face. Blend it in. Grab your eyelash curler and give each one a quick curl. Put a coat or two of mascara on, trying to concentrate most of it on the outer two thirds of the lashes to give yourself a more natural look. If there’s time, brush a couple strokes of blush on your cheeks and t-zone to give some texture. Throw your favorite lip-gloss in your purse and apply while waiting for the car to warm up.

5-minute makeup

When you aren’t in quite as big of a hurry, 5 minutes is plenty of time to primp for the average day. While you’ll want to do everything that you do in the 1-minute makeover, you’ll want to add a few steps. Start with your concealer and blend as necessary. Next you’ll want to add eyeliner and curl your lashes well. Apply at least two coats of mascara, taking care not to apply it too thick. Next you can comb your eyebrows up and fill in with pencil as necessary. Then apply a few quick strokes of blush to your cheekbones and t-zone. Apply the finishing touch of lipstick or lip-gloss to give your lips some depth and color.

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