Streetwear Trade Show Hits New York

The London Edge New York Streetwear trade show happened in the midst of the New York men’s fashion week. A distinguished crop of independent designers stood out amongst the sea of goth graphics, studded leather, and tees suited to urban tastes. Their inspired collection embodies the edge so typical of these streetwear trade shows.

Creative Justice by Kevin Belfort of Camden, NJ is inspired by music, his tees hand-screened with lyrical messages. “We Let the Dead Lead the Dumb.” A social commentary, of sorts, some might say. “Freedom in Death.” Nihilistic to some, but more about the designer’s friend who found relief in the death of parents both suffering from cancer.

Another label called Timeless shows off tees on timeless men obsessions, girls, and bikes. Perfect for weekend get-together with your best buds, its makers are a bunch of guys who hang out and drink beer. Richard Burton, one of the designers and founders, explains, “We like girls a lot!”

The forties and the fifties is what inspired Tarantula Clothing Co. for their men and women streetwear. Already a favorite in the Los Angeles rockabilly scene, Tarantula accentuates curves. For their women’s line, Tarantula Clothing has Lucille Ball styled high-waisted curve hugger dresses with popped up collars. These are zipped up dresses, with buttons in front, cleverly preventing any flared open shirt mishap. These kinda remind you of poodle skirts – but not really. According to Cherrie Vasquez, art director of Tarantula Clothing, “but no, think of the bad girls!”

Tarantula Clothing’s men’s line offers cool urban shirts and their signature weekender jackets. The lead designer, David Contreras, is inspired by the fifties – owing to the fact that he began designing his own clothes when thrift store finds, those jackets of the fifties, would often be damaged by stains and moths, and natural wear and tear. He jokes, “Our aspiration is to end up in a thrift store one day. You got to replenish them for tomorrow!”

Agorable Clothing is led by Eric Wilson, a teacher who moonlights in design. Based in Florida, his shirts are the typical button down shirts he would wear in school, only with a dark twist. His button down shirts would have blood splatter designs, the color of blood, resembling blood. Gruesome! These shirts can be paired with Wilson’s hand-painted ties. The Agorables Clothing line includes shirts (either hand-painted or hand-printed), ties, wallets and bags, in designs that are hits to those with a taste for the macabre.

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