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As you might have noticed, green is in these days. From carbon neutral living to hybrid cars to mapping your carbon emissions, name it and someone you know is probably on it. And you’ve probably seen a whole lot of green tees – most of which use the typical earth clip-art with the recycling sign and some clichéd environmental message. Nothing wrong with this, really. The whole point anyway is to let the world know about the issue. But then again, this lack of creativity gets boring. And sometimes, style and impact send the message across better.

Some of the brands behind trendy green tees

In come the new brands of green tees, thankfully. These new green businesses offer green shirts that are stylish and innovative.

Moral Fabric, a company founded in 2004, is an eco-friendly business, which sell streetwear in playful collages of colors, shapes, and lines. Its current influences border on hippie and psychedelic. Bobby Wiggins, its founder and designer, describes it, “It’s like streetwear for hippies!” All materials used for Moral Fabric’s apparel are organically grown in the United States or Peru and are under fair trade certified conditions.

Another responsible practice company is Tees for Change by Andreea Ayers. Her t-shirts are made from a combination of organically grown cotton and bamboo materials. The designs promote positivity, and an uplifting way of life. “Embrace Change,” “Practice Kindness,” and “Laugh Often” are just some of the brand’s powerful messages. And the great thing is, for every shirt you buy, a tree will be planted, through the company’s partnership with Trees For Life.

Like Tees for Change, Altitude Inc. is in the business of giving back. Innovators in consumer products, such as the PUR water cooler and Margaritaville Frozen Concoction Maker, the company now has a green line. They now offer bags, t-shirts (even doggie t-shirts) and mugs with environmental designs. All of these products have the Altitude logo and “Green is the New Black.” Debra Fleury of Altitude says, “Altitude developed the green t-shirt designs and messages to help promote green thinking.” They want their products to be enjoyed, while also spreading the green message. To give back, all proceeds from their green line go to Sweat Equity Enterprises (SEE), an organization of responsible businesses and young individuals. SEE strives to be a venue for innovation for its member companies, and a venue for learning for its young members.

At Brand of the Free, the main thrust is the message. They offer tees with ethically-aware yet subtle messages and bold graphic designs. According to president, Joe Maluso, “We’ve taken extra effort to design our clothes without cheap shot political messages or cheesy catch phrases.” There is no forced agenda – just great designs and on-the-dot messages.

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