Is It Worth Getting An Executive MBA?

In the current business scenario, there is now a situation called the Middle Manager Squeeze. The Middle Manager Squeeze illustrates how the middle manager – the supervisor, project manager or what have you – gets stuck in a flatly compensated job while having to worry about job security. As corporations are wont to merge in today’s highly competitive industries, being downsized is a constant worry.

Middle Managers add up to about 24 million workers in the United States. These managers are generally educated, smart, works long hours and have a lot of responsibilities. Of these, about twenty-two percent (22%) fear possible mergers and downsizing, seventeen percent (17%) think they have limited advancement opportunities, and sixteen percent (16%) think that their company is not doing well. A similarity among them is the seeming lack of external opportunities.

This is where professional development through an Executive MBA comes in. While it is not equal to an MBA from Wharton or Kellogg, an Executive MBA can set a middle manager apart from the pack and create advancement opportunities within and external to her company.

Benefits of an Executive MBA program

  • An Executive MBA allows you to maintain a full-time job while earning your degree. This way, you will not have to sacrifice your paycheck to further your education. This is especially helpful if you are raising your own family.
  • An Executive MBA lets you experience training under competent faculty and with your peers. It offers real-time application of business concepts learned in the program to actual application while at work.
  • You expand your network to include other middle managers and business achievers. These contacts may prove useful as you move forward in your career.
  • An Executive MBA increases your value within the corporation as your job know-how is improved and updated. You get more exposure to current practices in technology and other business environments.
  • An Executive MBA degree is an excellent addition to your resume. It speaks well of your skills and knowledge; plus, it attests to your drive for progress and self-improvement. You will be more in demand in the job market.

Getting an Executive MBA is in an investment in time and funds. You may have to sacrifice some me-time and may need to work harder not only in the office, but at home as well. However, if you work hard enough and if you maximize what you learn in this program, you will only reap benefits in the end.


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