The ultimate career boost: getting a promotion

Getting a promotion isn’t just about getting the work done. You have to show that you shine above the rest. More importantly, you have to show that you are a leader. Although getting a promotion is part timing and part luck, a big chunk of it is how your superiors perceive you as a person.

Women are created equal

When it comes to business smarts, women are created equal. In fact, according to Fortune 500 magazine, there are more women running Fortune 500 companies this year compared to last year. So how do you get the career boost you deserve? For most women, this amounts to a lot of patience and a great “go-gettum” attitude.

It’s all about attitude

Managers aren’t looking to promote women with a poor attitude. If you’re the one sneaking out a few minutes early every day, talking badly about coworkers behind their backs, or skimping on your work to have more time for yourself, chances are that your managers and supervisors know about it. Staying positive, even when the work piles up on you is crucial to being considered for the next promotion. Although it can sometimes be hard, try to think of it as a challenge and set mini-goals for yourself throughout the day or week to help keep you motivated.

Getting the edge on the promotion

Who do managers promote to become managers? It’s very simple. You must show your managers and leaders that you too are a leader that also is a great team player. You can have all the degrees and M.B.A.’s in the world, but without good leadership and interpersonal skills, you will not get anywhere. You can demonstrate your leadership skills by offering to teach a training seminar to new hires on something you grasp well. You could also show that you are a team player by offering to take on an extra project in your downtime. The plus side to staying busy is that you will be learning more skills that will be valued highly when it comes time for the promotion.

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