Fashion Forward Green Tees

As you might have noticed, green is in these days. From carbon neutral living to hybrid cars to mapping your carbon emissions, name it and someone you know is probably on it. And you’ve probably seen a whole lot of green tees – most of which use the typical earth clip-art with the recycling sign […]

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Streetwear Trade Show Hits New York

The London Edge New York Streetwear trade show happened in the midst of the New York men’s fashion week. A distinguished crop of independent designers stood out amongst the sea of goth graphics, studded leather, and tees suited to urban tastes. Their inspired collection embodies the edge so typical of these streetwear trade shows. Creative […]

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Naomi Campbell’s Staying Power

Last we heard from Naomi Campbell, she apologized to the airport officers she verbally assaulted over at Heathrow because of lost baggage. Campbell was sentenced to two hundred hours of community service for four charges, all of which she pleaded guilty to. Two other charges were dropped. Long known for a history of violent outbursts, […]

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