Striking Balance Between Work and the Rest of Your Life

Sometimes, balancing work and the rest of your life seems like walking a tightrope. One misstep and you fall into oblivion; or, less dramatically, miss out on family, special moments, and things we care about the most. Work can get the best of you. It has become norm to spend almost twelve hours each day at work. It is as if you live to work when it should be the other way around.

Balance is a catchword these days. It’s even used as a name for Yoga classes that aim to help you keep in touch with your core. In struggling for balance in your daily life, you should likewise strive to get back to the core of who you are. You need to remember why you do what you do and for whom it’s for. If you work so you can save enough for tropical getaways every so often, don’t get drowned in work that you forget the beaches and oceans that make you feel alive. If you work so you can provide a comfortable home and good food for your family, don’t forget them. Spend time with them.

Finding balance

Sometimes it is hard to let go of work. That’s what many do most of the time; that’s what some know they’re good at. If you ever feel this way, maybe these tips will help:

1. You are not really 100% productive, twelve hours a day. There is a limit to how much productive work you can come up with each day. You are only human, after all. For the rest of that time, why not escape and spend time for yourself or with your family? Once you take some me-time, you will get back to work, renewed and more effective.

2. You need to get some space between you and your work. If you work in the office, step out and take a walk in the park for a while. If you work at home, try to go for a quick run around the neighborhood. The change in scenery and the shift in activity will delay any “burned out” feelings.

3. Dinnertime is me-time. Dinner is probably the only meal in the workday that you can truly enjoy. There is no rushing to make the bus or beat the traffic. There is no urgent work that needs to be done. It’s time to enjoy your food and the company of loved ones.

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