Career moms making it

Women are the glue that holds a family together and juggling work, a spouse, children and household chores can be a real balancing act when you’re trying to keep everyone happy. All of these demands placed on a career woman, mother and wife can be overwhelming. Coping it means prioritizing, delegating and most of all knowing your own value.

Your skills are valued

Many women face the challenge of deciding what comes first, work, spouse or children. We deserve to have them all. When an employee becomes a mother she has obviously lots of new challenges in her life and she will not be able to contribute 110 percent all the time. However, a good manager thinks long term and is able to see your growth and development as a person – and value it. Motherhood means lots of useful skills in working life too, like ability to take responsibility and organization skills. Remember also that you are not the only mom going to work in the universe. There are tons of employers who value your experience and need your contribution.

Delegating at home

Household chores can become out of control quickly while mom’s at work. A simple solution is to start delegating traditionally women oriented roles to everyone in the household. Not only will the home run more smoothly, but everyone will feel an active part of the family and learn how to take on more responsibility. For example, children can take turns making dinner one night a week and doing laundry on the weekends. Even small children can be taught from a young age to do simple tasks such as sweeping or putting clothes in the washing machine. By working together, the family will become a closer, more cohesive unit, even if the mother has a career outside of the home.

Keeping the relationship viable

After a long day of work when the babies are crying and the children need attention, a mother’s instinct is to take care of the little ones and nurture them. It’s important to remember that the spouse can be a great source of strength and help if he is not thrown by the wayside in order to meet the needs of the children. Career parents should make at least 15 minutes of child, baby and chore free time everyday to devote to each other. Whether it’s a brisk walk around the neighborhood, a moment of alone time in the bedroom or a few minutes to chat over morning coffee, it’s well worth for your relationship.

Working at home

One wonderful way to balance mothering and working is to work at home. Whether your job allows you to bring projects home, you open your own business or you are an independent contractor, it may give you the flexibility you need to balance your need for an income with the needs of the home, baby, children and husband. Some benefits to working at home include setting your own hours and being available when the children arrive home from school.

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