How to Deal with People We Don’t Like

There are days when somehow we would have to deal with people we do not like. Regardless of reason (or sometimes, lack of), we don’t like them and there they are walking towards us as we do some gardening work. Or, there they are on the dog food aisle, exactly where your brand is. What do you do?

Of course, we may not want to be too obvious. We most probably cannot run towards the other direction, nor can we completely ignore them. They’re coming to us – that means they might be totally clueless about how we feel about them.

If this is the case, there are things we can do to be polite.

Smile. A smile goes a long way. You would be surprised how it can change the way your non-favorite person deals with you. That wonderful smile on your face may just make everything more pleasant. Plus, it always feels good to smile.

Limit conversations. If you do not really like the person, then make it a point to limit the conversation. Don’t let it drag along and extend your agony. Get to the point and then get out.

Get to know them. There is a story to everything: from that huge eagle tattoo your neighbor has to the grumpiness of your car mechanic. Get to know them and maybe you’d understand why they are who they are. In the end, they may not be so bad after all, and you were just quick to judge.

Find something good. When you dislike someone, your feelings may get in the way of seeing their good side. Find the good within each person and let them know you appreciate it. This might just change the way things are between you and the person you dislike.

You have your flaws too. We are human and imperfect. Be aware of your imperfection as you are of the other person’s. Maybe only then will it be easier to accept them as you accept yourself.

Do unto others as you want others to do unto you. There is a reason why they call this the golden rule. It remains precious and we can get a lot in just those few words.

It is natural to dislike some people. Each of us is wired differently, and reacts differently to situations, attitudes, and personalities. Some people are just bound to not get along. While we cannot change who they are, we can change our attitudes towards them and strive towards positivism.

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