Making Time for Your Loved Ones

Time is fleeting. I’m sure that if it were only a commodity, people will be lining up to buy it. But question is, buy time for what? What do we currently prioritize in our lives that we do it most of our wakeful hours? What aspect of our lives do we tend to sacrifice?

There’s an often-told line that no one in their dying bed ever wished they had more time for work. No one ever wanted more time to spend in the office. It was always a wish for more time with their spouses, children, and friends.

We usually term time spent with loved ones as quality time. And we are taught to strive for quality, right? So it strikes me as odd that we seldom spend enough time on quality time. It is more imaginable these days for spouses to spend almost twelve hours doing office work, chores, and errands. After which, maybe each would go for a nightcap at a bar to unwind and de-stress. Where does daily quality time come into play in this picture?

It just strikes me as such a waste for us to work so hard for our families and yet hardly ever spend time with them. Kids are growing up in comfortable but empty homes, surrounded by gadgets that distract them. It is hard to get to know one’s parents and appreciate what they do if they are absent in the children’s lives. At the same time, spouses need to reconnect with each other every so often. As partners, it is easy to get lost in the struggle to make ends meet, while attending to household chores and your children’s needs. Making time for people that matter most is vital.

There are no techniques here on how to manage time. There are already so many books written about that. And I’m sure we’ve found our own ways to manage our time. What needs to be restated here though is this: You cannot find time; you make time.

Making Time

We do not really lose time. At the end of the day, we know exactly where it went. One hour in traffic, another hour at the grocery store, twelve hours at the office plus a one-hour lunch meeting – that’s where time went.

When we decide to spend some quality time with our loved ones, it doesn’t mean we jam them right into our busy schedules. That’s like wanting to add one or two extra hours to your day – you won’t find that anywhere.

When we decide to spend time with loved ones, we make time for them. That means we allot part of our day just for them and let the other things that need to be done fall to the side. These aren’t as important anyway.


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