The Gorgeous and Talented Cecelia Ahern

An Irish beauty known for her charm, simple yet elegant style, and undeniable talent, Cecelia Ahern is definitely an extraordinary girl. At the young age of 26, she already has an impressive list of achievements that can make any aspiring writer go green with envy. The daughter of a previous high-ranking Irish politician, Cecelia Ahern’s writing career is definitely a joyride. Plus, she was able to do all this without using her father’s influence as a former Prime Minister of Ireland.

Impressive Achievements At A Young Age

Ahern’s debut novel PS I Love You was an international bestseller. A 2007 movie adaptation of this novel starred Hilary Swank and Irish actor Gerard Butler. Cecelia Ahern already has four published novels. In collaboration with Donald Todd, she’s a current co-creator of Samantha Who? which is a TV series that stars Christina Applegate as she rediscovers her life as she suffers from amnesia. A musical version of her 3rd novel If You Could See Me Now is currently in production, with Hugh Jackman behind the starring role. You may find it hard to believe but yes, Cecelia Ahern has achieved all this before the age of 30.

Ahern’s Books as The Latest Must-Haves

If you love reading the latest books just as you love the latest fashion looks, hair styles, celebrity style, skin care products, makeup, and cosmetics, grab a copy of Ahern’s books and see for yourself. When looking for romantic novels, check out Cecelia Ahern’s masterpieces and fall in love with her characters as they discover life, love, and everything in between.

Cecelia Ahern As a Co-creator of Samantha Who?

Another way to show your support for up and coming author and screenwriter Cecelia Ahern is to watch Samantha Who? In this TV series, Christina Applegate shines as an engaging character struggling with amnesia and with her past. Also starring in this hit TV series are Barry Watson, Jean Smart, Jennifer Esposito, Melissa McCarthy, Kevin Dunn, and Tim Russ. If you can’t get enough of Ahern’s novel-writing style, then watch this series to get a glimpse of Ahern’s undeniable screenwriting talent.

Along with her fresh model look, charming healthy look, Irish accent, and a list of impressive achievements, the gorgeous and talented Cecelia Ahern has definitely made a name for herself. It’s no wonder therefore that Cecelia Ahern continues to shine and conquer the world of publishing.

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