The Always Stylish Sex and the City

If you’re one of those girls who always get “carried away” everytime Carrie Bradshaw and her stylish friends strut their stuff, then you’re definitely a Sex and the City fan. It’s a good thing that this year, the hit TV series is finally a movie! Many fans have anticipated this movie and many can’t simply wait to see Carrie Bradshaw, Miranda Hobbes, Charlotte York, and Samantha Jones juggle their careers, love lives, and personal issues without losing their sense of style. Still can’t get enough of Sex and the City? Then here are some glamorous and fabulous fashion items based on the hit chick flick.

Carrie’s Oversized Corsage

Sarah Jessica Parker’s character is known for her unforgettable fashion scenes in the movie. One such scene is when she donned a dress with a matching oversized corsage. As a writer with plenty of wit and sense of style, Carrie became more of a style icon when she wore this ensemble and pulled it off effortlessly.

Miranda’s Gold Dress

Another movie scene that’s unforgettable is when the fashionable foursome where strutting along the streets of New York with Miranda wearing a gold dress. This outfit perfectly complemented her red hair and her flawless complexion. With her glowing and healthy look, Miranda and her gold dress became an inspiration for that flawless “model look.” Along with a big, matching belt, this golden outfit made Miranda’s character a true-blue fashionista and career woman at the same time.

Samantha’s Flower Ring

Given to her as a “surprise” by his handsome beau/model/aspiring actor in Los Angeles, Samantha’s flamboyant character wouldn’t be complete without her flashy flower ring. This flashy bling-bling can definitely jazz up any look, whether urban chic or fabulously formal.

Charlotte’s Black Bridesmaid Gown

How many bridesmaids can actually wear a black gown during a wedding and still pull it off? Charlotte’s rich brown hair and flawless complexion made her the perfect friend in a black bridesmaid gown.

The SATC movie definitely puts designer Patricia Field into the spotlight. Her unique creations have definitely made a mark on the fashion world. If you’re looking for the latest fashion looks and hair styles, this movie is a good source of inspiration. Plus, when it comes to cosmetics, makeup, skincare tips, and the latest in celebrity style, you’ll never go wrong with Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda, and Samantha on your side. Many fashion looks and trends may come and go but these unforgettable movie scenes from Sex and the City will definitely continue to inspire women to unleash their inner Carrie-esque fashion sense.

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