2008’s Jewelry Trend

Jewelry these days are far more than just simple accessories. Rings are not just the wedding ring you have to wear. And decorative rings doesn’t just mean the gem studded rings you wear on your fingers. They can be that belly ring you use to accentuate your sexy abs. Or if you are leaning into punk, maybe some rings elsewhere on your body and face.

Jewelry items are statements. What you wear says something about you, and it has to go with the rest of your ensemble.

Chunky, bright-colored pieces are in

Recently, supermodel Heidi Klum was spotted wearing chunky jewelry. Her ensemble consisted of cocktail rings, a bracelet, cuffs, and a belt buckle. She wore this with a simple yet elegant backdrop of a black and gold sequined tees and jeans. Kate Moss was likewise seen in Vogue Nippon sporting chunky jewelry. The spread had her topless, with an exotic ring; and in see-through tees with a chunky necklace. Even Mary-Kate Olsen was seen sporting gold bracelets and a chunky emerald green ring.

The jewelry trend for 2008 is about less jewelry, less bling. Bling refers to the jewelry popular in the hip-hop culture. The term refers to how the jewelry shines, as it is very flashy and supposedly indicative of one’s wealth. The jewelry being flaunted these days is attention getting too but in a bold, less bling-y manner.

Instead of the bling’s standard silver, gold is making a comeback. This can already be seen in some apparel and in bags. Most noticeable of course is gold jewelry.

Focus these days are in bold and exotic jewelry. Cocktail rings are being worn a lot. These aren’t the cocktail jewelry items that come off as bling, mind you. Popular are cocktail jewelry pieces with large gemstone imbeds. The stones are often in bright, deep colors. And the more exotic-looking they are, the better.

Another sought after jewelry is those with diamond-studded geometric or star shapes. Think Art Deco encrusted in diamonds. You can get these as diamond cuffs and diamond brooches. These don’t have to be diamonds really. You can get these sharp-looking jewelry accessories in marcasite.

Again, you can’t lose with exotic jewelry pieces. You will surely stand out with big oriental brooches, Egyptian pendants, or Tibetan necklaces. Bold color mixes are in – like turquoise against gold.

For men (and women, of course), crest and coat of arms designs are back in. This can be in the form of badges or embroidery. Chunky signet rings will also be likely seen around.


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