A Mother’s Day Party

Nothing is more fun than a party to celebrate Mother’s Day. To make this event a successful one, invite every mom in the clan. In an ideal situation the dads and kids do all the planning. However, the party could also be prepared as a mutual project of the whole family. Here’s some aspects to give inspiration for party planning:

Have a Party Theme

Having a party theme is a good idea when celebrating Mother’s Day. A good suggestion is to have a sixties-inspired party wherein everyone is required to dress up in their best sixties outfit. Even the decorations can also be based on a party theme. For a Hawaiian Mother’s Day party, serve lots of pineapples and give away favors brimming with vibrant tropical flowers.

Prepare Invitations

Aside from the usual gifts for mom on Mother’s Day, having a party just for her is always a memorable experience. Giving away invitations days before the actual celebration can ensure that all guests will be able to come. To create unique and eye-catching invitations, use handcrafted cards filled with self-made poems.

Hold a Special Brunch

To make the day more memorable, concoct delicious brunch dishes such as pancakes, salads, sandwiches, and other favorites. Make sure that each mom has a favorite dish on the menu. When looking for recipes, the Internet offers many easy-to-do dishes that are perfect for this special event.

Give Away Personalized Party Favors

For unique party favors, self-pampering kits with body creams, facial scrubs, lotions, and bubble baths are good gift tips. Everytime your mom uses these beauty items, she’ll remember that special day when the whole family gathered together on Mother’s Day.

Games and Activities

A Mother’s Day party would not be complete without some funny games, that allow all the guests to participate. Other activities can also include presentations from each family as a tribute to loving moms at the party. The giving of gifts can also be turned into a special ceremony during the party.

If you are planning a party of a liftime, but you’re unsure about your organization skills, you can always turn to an expert. A professional event organizer can help you coordinate things from flower delivery to catering services.

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